Help Your Kids Study At Home Better With These 4 Things

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The pandemic has shifted our classrooms from a blackboard to a screen. It is an unprecedented change to the education system at large, and it looks like it is here to stay. As such, it is only natural that students might be struggling to keep up with the work.

While we can’t fully replicate a classroom environment in a household, we CAN make it easier for our children to study better. Good nutrition, plenty of sleep, and constant mental health check-ins are the way to go. Aside from those key areas to focus, these items may also help your child study better. 


The secret to better study sessions is dedication and planning! Deciding beforehand what to study, when to learn it, and saving time for revisions and test prep – all are essentials to building a strong academic base for your child.

Work together with your child to jot down their schedules and goals on the planner. Doing this allows them to take responsibility for their study goals and track them throughout the day; just don’t forget to slot in breaks and rest periods. If you can’t find one at your local stationery store, check out Amazon!

Proper desk lamp

We’ve all heard about the nightmare of distance learning: of how it’s hard to keep your child focused and engaged with the lessons. The study environment plays a key role in helping them study and focus more easily.

Having a proper desk lamp makes it easier to go through their tasks and help ease the glare of the screen if they’re engaged in online learning.

Designated study desk

A designated study desk provides a dedicated workspace for your child and allows them to take ownership of their studies.All their study material can be placed in or on the desk and help them stay organized. They don’t have to waste time collecting materials and start studying from the get-go.

If you do not want to spend time physically looking for a suitable desk and chair, consider shopping online at websites like OurShopee. 

Seat cushion

Just as you may find it uncomfortable sitting for too long in a stiff chair, your child may feel the same. The least comfortable they are, the less likely they will be focusing on the task at hand. With a comfortable seat cushion, you won’t really need to upgrade your chair to go with the new desk.

Even if your child studies well on their own, it never hurts to beef up their progress with some useful items, right? They can make time management, studying, comprehension, and even revision itself easier on your little ones. In a world that has fast moved towards the technological, it is essential to keep up. But staying ahead doesn’t have to be expensive. Log onto ShopCash for cashback, discounts, and deals that just might want to make you go back to school, too.