If You’re Still Wearing That Boring Blue Mask, Here Are 7 Cool Mask Options Just for You

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With quarantine and lockdown stretching into almost more than a year, wearing the same blue mask can get boring when you’re eventually heading out. Variety is indeed the spice of life, and there’s no reason to not care for your safety and still look stylish. We recommend some cool mask options to put in your shopping cart:

A Classic Black Mask

Nothing says classy like a black mask. It can be made of a porous material or any other fabric of your choice. It goes with any shade or outfit and the color has always been a firm fashion favorite. If it gets stained, the color is dark enough that no one will notice, and you can clean it discreetly. So why not give your wardrobe a classic touch with a black mask in your closet?

A Modest Pastel Mask

While black can go with all colors, it does not mean you can not have some of the subtler shades for the days you are rocking a great outfit. Whether you go for a socially-distanced lunch with a friend or a quick grocery run, these masks are the perfect complement to your look without being ridiculous or garish. It is also easier to identify any stains, so you know when to toss them in the washer. As such, a pastel mask becomes a must-have in your closet.

An Airy Cloth Mask

Ever since the pandemic, Maskne – or Mask Acne, has become a real dermatological problem. The blue surgical mask might be okay for an hour or two (as it’s intended to be used, but extended usage could lead to moisture collecting on the inside of the maskā€”and out pops the acne. Therefore, the fabric of the mask is something to consider. So, why not try an airy cloth mask? They’re lightweight, non – abrasive, and can a long way to prevent maskne.

A Head Mask

The significant difference between a head mask and the regular mask is that the standard mask secures behind your ears, whereas the head mask fastens at the back of your head. Wearing regular mask for too long may strain them or put pressure on your head. Consider trying a head mask, where you can give your ears a break from holding back a mask and look good while doing it. Though it is not the norm right now, it is a fast-catching trend and one you should hop on.

A Chained Mask

When wearing a mask, a big concern is where do you put it when you take it off to eat or drink? A chained mask can be a good solution. These masks are attached to a chain which goes around your neck like a necklace. Not only can you add a dash of trendy flavor to your masks, but you also won’t have issue placing it somewhere else when it’s off. If all the cool people are doing it, so can you!

A Colour-Coordinated Mask

Everyone has that favorite color or a favorite outfit they would wear everyday. A coordinated color mask for your preferred color or your favorite outfit can go a long way in spicing up your post-pandemic outfits. With this kind of mask, you can stay on top of your fashion game while staying safe. So, what are you waiting for?

A Pretty Patterned Mask

Be it a floral pattern, or something chequered, or any other pattern for that matter, a patterned mask is a must-have to spice up your looks. Not only will it add a splash of uniqueness to your wardrobe, but the variety and styles available for a patterned mask will make your best outfit pop!

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