7 Things You’ll Definitely Want to Have While You’re Working From Home

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Working from home has increasingly become the new normal. Pajamas is the new office wear and eating at your desk is a routine. Working from home may save you the long hours of travel and office work, there are still new challenges. How about that back pain? How about setting up a proper working corner?

These seven products will make work from home easier and help you finish those tasks like a pro:

Low Back Chair

The chair you have at home may not be designed for comfortable hours in front of your laptop. Getting an ergonomic chair just might be the answer to avoiding future back and shoulder pain. These chairs are usually low back and push you to maintain a healthy posture and avoid slouching. With proper working chair, see your productivity rise and forget about body aches workspace. Not only can you work longer, you’ll walk away healthier for it.

Portable Laptop Table

Everyone has their lazy days and with the bed just within reach, work from home can quickly translate to work from bed. When it’s chilly or raining outside and you really don’t want to leave the warm blankets, a portable laptop table can come to your rescue. As the name suggests, you can set it up anywhere, put your laptop on top, and voila! Ready for a workday without ever leaving the bed, armed with a portable laptop table, and a drink of choice (and maybe binge a little Netflix during your well-deserved break!).

Table Lamp

Workdays can often meld into work nights. Meeting deadlines, dealing with different time zones, or just catching up on the backlog, not everyone can complete their work during the day. If you, too, are a night owl or have work you’d just rather see done, consider investing in a table lamp. Small, sturdy, and efficient appliances, table lamps can be a lifesaver for those burning the midnight oil. They are available in multiple colors and sizes, so you are bound to find one that catches your fancy.

Foot Rest

The secret to good posture is not just a chair. It is also how you place your feet. Strange, right? But true. Without a footrest under your work desk, it won’t be long before you have to include painkillers on your next grocery list. Not only do they anchor your body to one position, but they also improve the posture of your back and shoulders.

Wifi Extender Range

Working from home often calls for an extensive internet connection, but maybe your wifi just isn’t cutting it? Perhaps you are exhausted from watching your phone battery die too fast because you used it as a hotspot all day? If this sounds like you, then a Wifi extender range is what you need. Enjoy fast internet all over your living and workspace – use it to send those emails and finally check them off your to-do list!

Table Plants

Science says seeing the color green immediately boosts one’s mood. And admit it, we all could use a boost of serotonin, especially on those Monday mornings. A small table plant can be the perfect companion for your work from home days where you are quarantined from friends and colleagues. Once you take that first step of acquiring a table plant, you may even like to invest in a couple more, and be a part-time plant parent to your little greenhouse?

File Folder

Usually, paperwork stays in the office. But when the home becomes the office and all paper becomes equally important, how do you differentiate between those your boss needs and those you can let your dog rip up? Here comes the trusty file folder. Save your papers in this folder and never worry about losing that important printout.

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